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Chinese Manufacturer Sio2 Specific Surrface Area of 200 M2/G Amorphous Silica Hydrophilic Fumed Silica 200 with CAS 112945-52-5 as Anti - Sinking Agent

Chinese Manufacturer Sio2 Specific Surrface Area of 200 M2/G Amorphous Silica Hydrophilic Fumed Silica 200 with CAS 112945-52-5 as Anti - Sinking Agent

Overview Package size per unit product 110.00cm * 71.00cm * 18.00cm Gross weight per unit product 10.000kg Lead Time 10 ;
Basic Info
Model NO. GESEESIL-200
Classification Silicon Dioxide
Grade Standard Industrial Grade
Kind Silicon Dioxide
Quality First Class
Transport Package 10kg/Bag
Specification 200
Trademark GESEESIL
Origin China
HS Code 2811229000
Production Capacity 5000
Packaging & Delivery
Package size per unit product 110.00cm * 71.00cm * 18.00cm Gross weight per unit product 10.000kg Lead Time 10 days (1 - 2000 kg)
To be negotiated ( > 2000 kg)
Product Description
Vapor phase silica (fumed white carbon black) is one of the most important high-tech ultra-fine inorganic new materials. With CAS NO7631-86-9;white fluffy powder, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free.Because of its small particle size, it has a large specific surface area, strong surface adsorption, large surface energy, high chemical purity, good dispersion, thermal resistance, resistance and other aspects, has unique characteristics in many disciplines and fields with its superior stability, reinforcement, thickening and thixotropy, It plays an irreplaceable role. Nano-silica, commonly known as "ultra-fine silica", is widely used in various industries as an additive, catalyst carrier, petrochemical industry, decolorizing agent, matting agent, rubber reinforcing agent, plastic filler, ink thickener, metal soft polishing agent, insulation filler, advanced daily cosmetics filler and spraying materials, medicine, environmental protection and other fields. It also provides new material foundation and technical guarantee for the development of relevant industrial fields.

Product Parameters

Item NoIndexMeasured Value
Appearance White powderCompliance index
Specific surface area of nitrogen adsorption m²/g200±10200
Sio2- content>99.899.9%
Volatile matter % at 105 ºC≤3.00.82
Tamping density g/dm³30-6031
Sieve residue(45μm) mg/kg≤25019.93
Model NoGESEESIL-200
Appearancewhite powder
GradeFirst class
HS code 2811229000
Free sample Support
Delivery time 5-7 days after payment
Production Capacity5000mt/year
1.Reinforcing: Improve the tensile strength, tear strength, toughness and impact resistance of the product;2.Thickening, improving the product consistency of liquid system, rheological control, thickening without thinning;3.Thixotropy, one touch change, improve the rheological and thixotropy of liquid systems;4.Anti caking, promote and maintain the fluidity and anti caking performance of powder particles;5.Anti sagging: prevent the liquid from flowing and sagging, and improve the flatness of the construction surface;6.Anti sedimentation improves the adhesion of various systems, effectively prevents layered sedimentation, and is an ideal suspending agent;7.Thermal insulation: thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation effect;


Fumed silica is a very useful industrial chemical used in a variety of industrial and consumer products. Fumed silica poses a variety of health hazards to workers in various end-use industries and to those using products that use fumed silica. 1. in various resin additives, medicine, food and other fileds.2. rubber, sealant, silica gel, adhesive, tile grout etc.3. paint, coating, UPR,4. CMP suspension etc;5. Digital photo paper etc. 1.Paint and coating: as a hexagonal additive, it can effectively prevent pigment filler from settling and layering, improve the weather resistance, scratch resistance, sagging and leveling of the coating;2.Ink, air silicon has good thickening and sedimentation performance, which can adjust the viscosity of ink and prevent pigment sedimentation.;3.Resin, improve numerical thixotropy, make it have good tensile strength, bending resistance, milk, heat resistance and other properties;4.Chemical fertilizer plays the role of adsorption, moisture absorption and anti caking in powder fertilizer and suspension and anti sedimentation in liquid fertilizer;5.Thermal insulation materials, gas silicon has low thermal conductivity, which makes it have base thermal conductivity and excellent;6.Adhesive sealant can be used as thickener and thixotropic agent to increase bonding strength and prevent sagging and collapse during fixed line operation;7.Silicone rubber, air silicon is a very ideal reinforcing agent for silicone rubber, which can greatly improve its tensile strength and tear strength.;8.Food: gas silicon in powder food can improve fluidity, prevent powder agglomeration and carrier adsorption;9.Medicine: gas silicon can be used as anti caking agent, drug carrier and excipient of drugs, so as to prolong the efficacy;10.Toner: improve the fluidity, charge retention and environmental storage stability of toner, and improve the defects such as bottom ash and ghosting during printing;11.Catalyst carrier: gas silicon has good adsorption, dispersion and high purity, which can effectively improve the catalyst effect. It is an excellent catalyst carrier;12.Optical fiber: gas silicon has excellent thickening thixotropy, which can effectively improve the filling efficiency of optical fiber filling paste;

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Zhengzhou gesee technology Development , has the core gas silicon production technology; From technology to production to sales, we have established a complete system to provide our customers at home and abroad with the best products and the best price;Currently fumed silica GESEESIL-150; GESEESIL-200 for choice.they are widely using in rubber, sealant, plastic, resin, paint, printing ink, papermaking, medicine, cosmetics, food etc.Hydrophilic silica is used to reinforce and thicken silicone as an anti-slip agent for food and industrial powders, and to thicken non-polar solvents such as xylene, white spirit and styrene.Small particle size, large specific surface area, good thermal stability and low water content.

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